Monday, May 7, 2012

Walk through to look at cabinets and stuff

We are a few weeks away from closing on the house.  Today we had a walk through where we verified that some of the selections we made are correct.  The project manager couldn't make it so the assistant project manager met us.

All the drywall is up and the house is very close to being finished.  We checked out the kitchen cabinets and marble counter top.  We also checked out the bathroom tiles.  The flooring (carpet and such) was not in yet (I don't know if that is normal).  All of this took a total of 15 minutes at most.  Afterwards he let us roam around and look at the whole house.  We measured some of the windows and locations for appliances (Fridge, washer, dryer and stuff like that).  We didn't get any additional appliances from Ryan Homes and plan on replacing the basic stove, vent and dish washer that comes with the house so this was a good chance to get measurements because we'll buy the appliances before we settle.

Not much else to say.  The only point of this meeting was to verify some of the selections so if they made a mistake they had time to fix it.

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