Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today was the settlement.  We used the NVR settlement company (which NVR mortgage choose for us, but I think we could have requested someone else).  Settlement took forever because they weren't quite ready for us.  We waited around for 30 minutes before they had our paperwork.  There is a large stack of papers to sign.  The settlement guy in there with us was happy to explain any of the documents we were signing, wait patiently while we read anything we wanted.  I had mixed feeling about reading all of the documents, on one hand it is good to know what you are signing, but on the other hand if you didn't agree with something you have no negotiation power to do anything about it.  Plus these same forms are being signed by thousands of other people.  I did a speed read of all the documents, I wanted to roughly know what was going.  It took about 2.5 hours to sign everything.  But at the end they handed over the keys and we were on our way.

We obviously went straight to our new home.  There we found a welcome basket from Ryan Homes.  There isn't much advice to give for this stage of the process so this post will be short.  I'll just say make sure that the sprinklers are watering the new sod often.  New sod needs lots of water.


  1. Hi Michael,
    I have found this blog extremely informative. I have been going back and forth about buying a home with Ryan. I appreciate the fact that you had multiple inspections and if I do decide on new construction I will definitely do that as well. How is your house treating you? Have you had any major issues since moving in since it almost two years in! This blog is really great and just know people like me are really appreciative of it!

  2. Also checking in and wondering how the house worked out for you. Any updates would be great.